Alanya Castle is on the way to 'UNESCO World Heritage Permanent List'

Alanya Castle is on the way to 'UNESCO World Heritage Permanent List'

Alanya Castle, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2000, welcomes 140 thousand visitors every month. Efforts are being made to add Kale to the Permanent List.

Alanya Castle, founded in the Hellenistic period on a 10-hectare peninsula in Alanya and surrounded by 6-kilometer-long walls, has been home to Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations for many years.

It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000

The castle, which was placed on the temporary list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2000 with its ancient history, became one of the most visited places in the district with its structures, walls and splendor on it.

An average of 140 thousand visitors per month and the dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Akdeniz University Prof. Dr. Under the direction of Osman Eravshar, work is being carried out to make Alanya Castle, which has shed light on history with excavations that have been going on for 30 years, a permanent UNESCO World Heritage List.

Excavations have been carried out for 30 years

Alanya Castle Excavation Committee Chairman Prof. Dr. Eravsar, Alanya Castle campus in Ichkale 30 years of excavation work has been done, this year's excavations were completed some time ago, he said.

Eravsar, who mentioned that they reached large structures in their work, based on the small ruins in the castle, said::

"During the 2018 excavation work, there was a small remnant of the structure. We didn't know his nature. Following this, we tried to understand the residue. The area where this remains was found was surrounded by a large wall. When we dug, we found a bathhouse belonging to the Seljuk period. Some of the walls of the bathhouse were destroyed. We believe that the bathhouse used during this period was allocated for the use of the palace. The surrounding flipping Wall continues in connection with the palace. On the east side of the bath part of the palace is the ashkhani. Here is the January part and the water tank that continues on it. Behind it, the temperature space and the Private washing room follow each other. We believe that the bath has two different periods."

"Alaaddin Keykubat built his palace here after taking the castle"

Prof. Dr. Osman Eravsar, more than half of the Seljuk bath was unearthed in this year's excavations, next year all of it will be uncovered and restoration work will begin, the artifacts unearthed in the excavations will be exhibited after sorting, he said.

Eravshar noted that the view of the castle and itself is impressive, the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat also built his palace here after receiving the castle, saying::

"If you come to Turkey and leave without seeing this castle, I think you have not filled one of your biggest shortcomings in your life. So I want everyone to come here and see Alanya Castle. Before you die in a person's life, I think he should make a list of places to see and decisively put Alanya Castle among the top ten places in this list."


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