Buying Selling Procedures

Buying Selling Procedures

It is necessary to fulfill certain official procedures when buying and selling real estate in Turkey. Purchase and sale transactions are the transactions that must be done at the title deed.

While buying and selling real estate in Turkey, it is necessary to fulfill certain official procedures. Purchase and sale transactions are the transactions that must be done at the title deed. Before going to the title deed offices, there are procedures and actions to be taken. These actions should be evaluated separately according to buyers and sellers.

If a real estate is purchased as a buyer, the first action should be to get a photocopy of the deed. Afterwards, you can go to the municipality with the copy of the deed. It is necessary to apply to the real estate department to check whether the real estate to be purchased here is real estate tax. If a plot is to be purchased, the boundaries of the plot must be determined with corner stakes.

Then, it will be necessary to obtain the zoning information of the real estate to be purchased. Every detail should compare and check. There are approved projects of real estates in the zoning directorate of the municipality. Find the approved project here and check whether the independent section number and the number on the title deed match.

Necessary documents must be on both sides of the title deed purchase and sale transactions. Documents that the seller must keep with him; 1 photo, the original of the identity card and a photocopy and a clean certificate should be obtained. Documents to be kept by the receiving party; There must be 2 photographs, the original and a photocopy of the identity card.

In addition to these basic documents, if a loan is used for payment, the mortgage documents should be kept ready. The municipality's current market certificate and the original and photocopy of the title deed are among the documents that should be prepared. After all your documents are prepared, transactions can be made at the land registry office. The person who will sell the real estate should take a queue with his/her identity number from the queue maker in the title deed office.

If there is no deficiency in the documents, the application will be accepted and made ready to be processed as a preliminary application. After some inspections are made at the land registry office, the seller is informed by the land registry office by message. Information about where the title deed fee will be paid is also given with this message. In addition, the date and time for the appointment are given in this message, and all necessary information is sent to the seller. 

The first action after the incoming message is to deposit the title deed fee. Then, according to the appointment time, you will go to the land registry office. The taboo office must be reached 15 minutes before the appointment time. The prepared documents and fee payment receipts must be delivered to the officer in charge, then when the application number is announced, it is passed to the Contracting Chamber and the title deed records are signed.

In order to carry out the deed transfer transactions, both the buyer and the seller must go to the Land Registry Office. If one of the two parties is unable to attend, they must appoint a proxy and these attorneys must be authorized by a notary public.
While the title deed transactions are carried out, the buyer pays the title deed fee on the seller side.

The amount of the title deed fee varies according to the real estate amount. Whatever the sale price is, a fee of 20 per thousand of this price must be paid. Foreign persons can own real estate in Turkey within the scope of regulated laws. The procedures applicable to foreigners who want to buy or sell real estate in Turkey are; An appointment must be made from the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre in order to carry out house sales transactions for foreigners.

Appointments can be made by calling the Alo 181 line within the country and by calling +90 312 593 99 00 from abroad. An online appointment request can be created through the Land Registry Appointment System of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. Real estate owners and foreign buyers must be present at the land registry office at the date and time of appointment.

There are documents that must be present at the time of application. These; Title deed, identity or passport of the purchased property, "Real Estate Current Value Certificate" of the real estate, compulsory earthquake insurance policy, 1 photo of the seller and 2 recent photographs of the buyer, residence permit if the real estate is obtained within the scope of residence permit, if the sale will be made with a power of attorney. The original and photocopy of the power of attorney must be available.

There are also certain rules when a foreign person buys land. It cannot own a land of thirty hectares or more. The documents required to acquire land are similar to those required for real estate. It also has similar conditions. However, the total land area that a foreign citizen can buy must not exceed 30 hectares.

People who want to buy or sell real estate have to fulfill certain procedures. Although official works are challenging processes for people, they are mandatory processes to buy or sell a new real estate. You can contact us for your questions about buying and selling transactions. As, we assist you in the buying and selling process and support you to pass these processes without any problems.


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