Local Food Of Alanya

Local Food Of Alanya

Alanya is a region that has hosted many civilizations from the past to the present, which has enriched Alanya's food culture.

There are local delicacies that make up the rich Turkish cuisine. As there are common dishes in Turkish culture, each region has its own unique flavors. Alanya is a region that has hosted many civilizations from the past to the present, which has enriched Alanya's food culture. Local flavors of Alanya; Stuffed Zucchini Flowers is a very popular stuffing in Alanya. The adventure, which begins with the collection of pumpkin flowers, ends with the filling of the cleaned pumpkins with the prepared stuffing and then cooking.

Nohutlu Hibeş, It is one of the most common flavors in the kitchens of cities in the Mediterranean region. Chickpea hibeş, which also finds its place in Alanya cuisine, is a different taste made with garlic and tahini. Chickpea hibeş, which becomes an appetizer after these ingredients are combined, amazes those who try it for the first time due to its different taste.

Taze Ülübü Yemeği, It is one of the indispensable foods of Alanya cuisine. One of the broad bean type dishes, ülübu finds its place on the table with different recipes. You can make it as a piyaz, a meat dish or with minced meat. Boiling and salad of the lübu dish, which is a dish that should be tried in every way with its satisfying and taste that it leaves on the palate, is also made.

İlibada Sarması, The wrap made by the local people by collecting the leaves of ilibada, which grows in the Mediterranean region, is one of the indispensable foods of the tables in the winter months. Ilibada wrap, which is made in the kitchens of Antalya and the surrounding cities, is a flavor that stands out with its different taste than the grape leaf wrap.

Laba Dolması, It is a meal that takes place on the tables on special days when crowded guests come. Known for its dense interior mortar and palate-crunching flavor that fills people up in almost a few spoonfuls, stuffed laba is one of the main dishes of Mediterranean cuisines.

Göleviz, The pond plant, which we know with its potato-like appearance, is a type of food used in Mediterranean cuisine and we can recommend it to those who want to try different tastes with the aroma it adds to the food. Goleviz dish made in Alanya cuisine has turned into a delicious and satisfying meal with meat.

Alanya Bohçası, It is a dish made from pancakes, which is in the cuisine of almost every region. It is a food that is frequently consumed especially at breakfasts with its curd cheese in the food content, which takes its name with its appearance resembling a bundle.

İçli Bazlama (Gözleme), İçli flatbread, also known as pancake, is a delicious type of pastry that is made in almost every region of Turkey, consumed from breakfast to lunchtime meals and even as a snack in the evening. Onion, cottage cheese, parsley and black pepper are used in the Alanya-style preparation of flatbread, the filling of which differs on demand. 

Dikenli Kabak Tarator, Its homeland is Central America and it is common only in the Mediterranean Region in our country.

Hülüklü Çorbası, Hülüklü soup, which is unique to the Alanya district cuisine of Antalya, is a soup recipe that is mostly made at weddings and special occasions. This soup, which is very rich in content, is very useful and nutritious.

Övelemeç (Un) Çorbası, Övelemeç soup, as it is known in Alanya, is a nutritious and satisfying type of soup made in many cuisines of our country and eaten with pleasure. Alanya-style flour soup has the same nutritional value, but it enriches the nutritional value with the added bone broth.

Darı Soup, The health benefits of millet soup are known to everyone. It is possible to see millet soup, which is mostly made in the Black Sea region Giresun cuisine, in Alanya cuisine. In the Alanya-style preparation of millet soup, which is one of the indispensable soup types of dinner, yoghurt and optional beet leaves distinguish this soup from other millet soup recipes.

The desserts specific to the Alanya region are as follows; Citrus Jam is a nutritious fruit type that comes in different flavors, from citrus fruits grown in the Mediterranean region, from breakfast to edibles. Jam is made from citrus collected in the Mediterranean region, adding flavor to its taste and consumed at breakfast meals.

Oklava Çekmesi, The rolling pin dessert, which is made on special occasions such as weddings, holidays and guest invitations, is one of the delicious desserts of Alanya cuisine. It is a dessert made by putting plenty of stuffing in a thin baklava dough.

Öksüz Helvası, It is another famous food of Alanya cuisine. Orphan halva, which is mostly made at home, is an indispensable food on the tables with its color reminiscent of summer halva, but with its grape molasses and its consistency that has a different flavor.

Çiğirdik, It is a sesame snack made with honey or molasses in Alanya cuisine. It is widely consumed as a snack alongside tea.

Şekerli Peksimet, It is a kind of bread obtained by drying and preserving the dough leavened with special yeast in a wood oven. Alanya-style rusks are one of the pastry dessert types that are mixed with sugar and consumed by adding walnuts or hazelnut particles, if desired.

Göç Çöreği (Alanya Çöreği), It is a delicious pastry food consumed by the local people from breakfast hours to afternoon tea. Migration bun, which doubles its taste when consumed with tea with its thin dough in square slices and whole walnuts on it, is liked by many people with its delicious taste in the mouth.

Finally, it is the famous coffee of Alanya, "Almond coffee". Roasted almonds are pounded with the help of a pestle until the oil comes out, then mixed with milk, water and coffee and boiled.

Alanya has a rich culture in terms of local dishes. If you are going to visit Alanya, we recommend you to taste these local dishes.

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