Elementary Schools

Elementary Schools

In Turkey, children have to start primary education when they reach the age of 6. This compulsory education is in the form of 4+4.

In Turkey, children have to start primary education when they reach the age of 6. This compulsory education is in the form of 4+4. Primary education is the place where basic education is given in order for each child to be individuals who comply with social moral rules in their future life. Children can find the opportunity to improve themselves in socialization, personal development, music, sports and painting, in addition to the lessons they take during their primary education. The school that children will go to during the primary education process, where they take the first step in their education life, is also an important factor. There are primary education institutions in almost every neighborhood in Alanya. Every school age child goes to the school closest to his home. Primary education is provided free of charge by the state. Every child who has reached the age of starting education has the right to receive education from the state. In addition to public schools, there are private schools providing education services in Alanya.

Families can enroll their children in private schools according to their preferences. The number of schools in Alanya is sufficient for the region. In addition to learning information about the courses in schools, students are guided to improve themselves in areas such as sports and music. Students are provided to discover their talents. It should be ensured that the primary education process, which is the first step of the education life that prepares children for life, is efficient.

While employing children to be successful in their classes, they should be supported to choose a sport, deal with a musical instrument, and acquire a hobby. Alanya is a suitable geography for children to meet sports at an early age. Outdoor sports such as volleyball, football, tennis, swimming, triathlon, and indoor sports such as gymnastics and taekwondo are also sports that are taught to children at an early age in Alanya.

Private schools also include some activities more than public schools. Families who want their children to attend classes and engage in hobbies such as sports, music, painting and camping mostly prefer private schools. Besides, there are many courses that provide sports education, music education and painting education in Alanya.

Students who go to public schools can take lessons from these courses in addition to the activities they take in their schools such as sports, music and painting, and develop themselves in the field they see as talented and love.
Education is the most important foundation in an individual's life. A lot of work falls on our teachers to make this foundation sound. Primary school time is very valuable for children to prepare for life and develop themselves. Educational institutions in Alanya have been providing education with quality teachers for years.

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