Electricity Bill Payment

Electricity Bill Payment

For the use of electricity and water, which are basic needs of people in daily life, a monthly fee equal to the usage fee is paid regularly.

For the use of electricity and water, which are basic needs of people in daily life, a monthly fee equal to the usage fee is paid regularly. In order to use electricity in the places where people live, they have to turn the electricity on and take the electricity on themselves. Although settling in a new place is exciting for people, the challenging parts of it grow in people's eyes. It will be possible to handle these processes much faster with the right guide.

Subscription procedures for residences that have no electricity subscription and the procedures for changing subscriptions for places with subscription differ. If you are moving to a new flat, if electricity subscription has not been opened before, in this case, you need to complete the first subscription process. You can go to the branches of the relevant electricity distribution company in your province and get the subscriber connection procedures done. (The company providing electricity distribution services in Alanya is CK Akdeniz Elektrik.)

Of course, it is very important that the documents required for electricity subscription are complete. The documents required to open an electricity subscription from scratch are as follows: Approved electricity project, occupancy report, a document belonging to the property (deed, residence, rental contract, etc.), identity card, Compulsory Earthquake Insurance policy. (For the electricity sales contract, residents in the municipality service area must have compulsory earthquake insurance (DASK) and present the policy. To view the policy, the inquiry application of TCIP can be used. The tenant can also take out the compulsory earthquake insurance. In this case, the TR identification number of the property owner must be stated in the policy.) In the policy, the tenant is the "insured" and the owner is the "insured". The insurance premium paid by the tenant for the policy can be collected from the landlord or deducted from the rent.)

After the documents are delivered in full and the contract is signed, you must deposit an amount called the security deposit to the electricity distribution company. After depositing the security fee determined on the unit amount per kilowatt, the documents you provide will be checked and your subscription will be started within 5 working days by the electricity transmission company. In addition, regardless of whether you are a landlord or a tenant, the application must be made by the person residing in the residence.

If electricity is connected in your place of residence, but you want to take the subscription on yourself, what you need to do is quite simple. You can make your subscription transactions online. The website of the distributor electricity company will inform you about the necessary steps. In addition, you can go to the branches of the distributor company and get the electricity turned on. The documents required for changing the electricity subscription are as follows: ID card, document indicating ownership (lease contract, title deed registration, lodging allocation document, etc.), installation or subscriber number of the flat, TCIP policy or policy number and T.R. identification number, IBAN number.

In order to have electricity subscription on the Internet, you must first apply to the relevant company in order to have electrical energy connected to the residence on your behalf. The company you should apply to will vary depending on the city you live in. It will be easy to find the electricity distribution company serving in your region and to apply for an online electricity subscription over the internet. In order to apply for electricity subscription via e-Government, you must first go to the "e-Services Provided by Electricity Incumbent Supply Companies" page.

When you go to this page, you will be asked to log in to the system. Select one of the login options and enter the e-Government system. Select the province where the subscription will take place. Then, you can click on the “Individual Subscription Application” tab and submit a new application here. In addition, you can perform the necessary actions in the "Online Transactions" section of the website of the electricity company from which you will receive service in order to make an electricity subscription agreement. 

Foreign nationals are required to make electricity, water, internet and natural gas subscriptions in the real estates they rent or buy in Turkey. Foreigners can apply directly to the electricity distribution company serving their region for subscription or they can apply through the website of the electricity distribution company providing service. In addition, electricity subscription transactions can be made from bill payment centers. Required Documents: Lease Contract or title deed, residence permit (Foreigner Identification Number, any electricity bill of the residence (Installation Number), TCIP (Mandatory Earthquake Insurance).

After the subscription process is completed, usage starts. From the day the usage starts, invoices are issued regularly every month and the invoices must be paid until the last payment day. There are multiple options for paying the electricity bill. You can make your electricity bill payments from PTT offices. To make a payment, it is sufficient to go to the PTT branch with your invoice or subscriber number. You can also pay your electricity bill from the branches of the electricity distribution company serving in your region.

You can also pay the bill from ATMs of banks. Press the enter key on the ATM. Select 'Pay Bills' from the 'Cardless Transaction' menu. Select the institution whose invoice will be paid and enter the invoice number. Put the amount you will pay in the deposit box. Apart from these options, of course, there are options where you can pay your bill online. Many people prefer to pay their bills online. You can pay your bill in a very short time by entering your bill number with the bill payment option from the mobile banking system of the bank you use over the internet.

You can easily pay your bill from the bill payment option by entering the website of the company that provides internet distribution service to your region over the internet. You can also pay your bills from online bill payment sites. We recommend that you choose trusted sites.
You can easily pay your bill online even if you are far away.


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