Alanya's Gülüklü soup received geographical indication registration

Alanya's Gülüklü soup received geographical indication registration

The local flavor of Alanya, gulüklü soup, received geographical indication registration by the Turkish Patent Institute.

According to some, it is a soup with rosehip, according to others, it is a soup with ashtrays...

Gülüklü soup, which belongs to Alanya district of Antalya, received geographical indication registration.

This soup, which is one of the indispensable flavors of the local cuisine, takes its name from the meatballs in it.

Cevat Görücü, one of the owners of the local business, said, "The thing we call Gülük is minced meat cut from veal, which my mother and my wife rolled, in the form of marbles.

"It is both useful and gives pleasure while drinking"

The flavor of the soup comes from its recipe, which has not been eaten for years. Meatballs are added to tomato paste fried in butter and olive oil. After the boiled chickpeas and tripe, bone broth is poured into the pot. Lastly, the soaked rice is added and left to boil. After adding the spices and lemon juice, the soup is ready to drink.

Stating that the recipe of the soup has remained unchanged until today, Görücü said, "Because it is very tasty, it is both useful and enjoyable while drinking it, it gives pleasure when eating it. And it is satisfying."

Gülük soup is also an indispensable taste of weddings.

Explaining that this flavor is also referred to as Alanya's wedding soup, Görücü said, "It is also referred to as wedding soup in Alanya. In the past, it was made with tripe at weddings in Alanya. But later they removed the tripe. They started making the chicken version."

Gülüklü soup, which received its geographical registration, will now be named after its region.


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